Nate Branscom For State Representative Missouri's 131st District
Nate Branscom For State RepresentativeMissouri's 131st District

About Nate

   With deep roots in the Ozarks, Nate appreciates the land and people of the area. His grandfather was a hard-working man that sweated in the limestone quarries. HIs great-great uncle, Lennie Aleshire, was a staple entertainer in the Ozarks Jubilee. His grandmother was heavily involved in advocating for women's rights. In the late 1970's, Nate's mother co-founded the Board of Directors for the Southwest Missouri Indian Center.

   Himself, Nate Branscom has been involved in the art and music communities for nearly twenty years. Building from this experience, he co-founded the organization Make Springfield Weird, which promotes and encourages the community through art, music, and culture; is an advisory board member of Moon City Creative District; and is a member of American Mensa. He has assisted programs and non-profits such as GLO, The Kitchen, Ozarks Food Harvest, and Springfield Strong (benefiting homeless veterans). He has worked and communicated with nearly all walks of life in the Ozarks and is thus not ignorant of how its citizens live their lives or the struggles and achievements they experience.  


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